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Discover top players, indirect competitors, their traffic shares and trends with Market Explorer

Whether you know your industry inside and out or are just entering a market or niche, you can always discover some new names among the competition. Market Explorer can give you links to relevant players.


All you need to do is enter one competitor’s domain. You will get a list of top companies’ domains in the relevant industry. For each of them, you will see their traffic share and its breakdown by traffic sources.


Take a look at the dynamics of market traffic to determine seasonality in the researched niche. This includes the popularity of certain traffic sources over previous periods.


As a next step, you can compare the ups and downs of a specific player to the overall market trend and make a note of the competitor whose digital strategy can deal with any fluctuation.


Get into your rivals' marketing strategies and tactics with Traffic Analytics

Take one of the top players from the list made by Market Explorer and study the domain’s performance closely with the Traffic Analytics tool.


To reveal a company’s digital marketing mix, go to the Traffic Sources report. Filter by historical data, location or type of device to get even more precise data on direct visits, traffic from referring websites, search engines, social media, and Google Ads.


Add up to four more competitors to compare their traffic sources and discover the most common and best-performing channels for your industry.


Pay attention to the Group Traffic Split graphs to estimate the typical marketing budget split between traffic sources. Switch between the traffic sources’ tabs to learn exactly which platforms generated the given amount of traffic.


Reveal any company's performance with the Top Pages report

Discover the pages that generated the most traffic to your competitors’ websites. The Top Pages can give you links to the exact destination of your rivals’ marketing activities. These can be product or product category pages, carts, trials, and checkouts, as well as hot blog posts and regional versions of the main domain. Number of unique pageviews, unique visitors, and entrances will be given for each page along with entrance sources.



Gain insight into your target audience with Audience Overlap and Market Explorer

Check if your competitors actually share the target audience: enter up to five domains in the Audience Overlap tab and get to see what percentage of potential customers the rivals have in common.


Study historical data to see if any of your competitors have been absorbing the audience over time.



Research your target audience with Market Explorer

For more insights on your in-market audience interests, get back to the Market Explorer tool. For each player, get to know specific topics that attract their website’s visitors, as well as their demographics. Compare the data and make conclusions.