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Checking Your Tone of Voice with the SEO Writing Assistant
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Checking Your Tone of Voice with the SEO Writing Assistant


A brand’s tone of voice is extremely important when it comes to creating content. One of the keys to maintaining your tone of voice is consistency. 

A consistent tone of voice builds trust with your audience by communicating with them in the appropriate way and creating a memorable image of your brand. Companies that have a consistent tone of voice through their content marketing channels are more likely to stand out from competitors and build trust among their audiences. 

SEO Writing Assistant helps you to make sure that every content piece complies with your overall brand voice on the scale of casualness, neutrality and formality. 

How can this be done?

  • First, install the SEO Writing Assistant add-on to your Google Docs using G Suite Marketplace. You can also add it as a WordPress plugin or access the tool directly in SEMrush interface.
  • Next, run the add-on, enter your target keyword(s) and click on the ‘Get recommendations’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Tone of voice’ button to check your copy’s tone of voice score and consistency percentage. The score is a real-time metric, which is powered by a machine-learning algorithm and thousands of human-rated pieces of text.

Checking Your Tone of Voice with the SEO Writing Assistant image 1

  • Detect the most casual and most formal sentences that stand out from the overall text.
  • Select the preferred tone of voice goal — casual, neutral or formal — for new content or to update existing text.

Next Steps

Using the SEO Writing Assistant, you can:

  • Check all your written communication for tone of voice consistency on the scale of casual, neutral and formal.
  • Update content pieces that differ from your overall tone (if the entire article’s tone of voice doesn’t match your brand voice).
  • Modify sentences that stand out from your text’s overall tone (if some phrases in the article don’t match with its general tone of voice). 
  • As a long term goal, maintain your brand’s tone of voice in each content piece to make all your brand communication consistent.