How Do I Share Projects? Question

You can share your projects with others through the Share button shown on the Projects dashboard. All the way to the right of your project name, you will notice a blue “Share” button next to the Settings gear. Once you click this button, you will notice a pop-up appear that will ask you to fill out the field to enter the user you wish to grant access.

The ability to share projects with other SEMrush users depends on the level of your account and the level of the account that you want to share the project with.

Business level subscribers can share projects with free and paid users. When sharing, projects can be set to “edit” mode or “read only” mode.

Pro and Guru level subscribers can share projects in “edit” mode to other paid accounts only. "Read only" can only be shared from Business accounts.

Edit” mode can only be shared from one paid account (Pro, Guru, or Business) to another paid account (Pro, Guru, or Business). “Edit” mode is not available for users on the free level.

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