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White Label vs Branded Reports


White Label and Branded Reports are available to users of our Agency Growth Kit.

Easy to Brand

White-labeling reports allow users to easily mark our data with their own company logos and header descriptions. This saves you time when dealing with multiple customers as you can simply integrate your brand information into your Semrush reports with a simple drag and drop.

For example, let's say Frank runs an SEO consulting business. He uses Semrush White-label reports for sending monthly updates on keyword rankings and traffic to his customers. They're happy with the data and remain loyal to Frank's business because they associate his logo with the successful SEO of their websites.

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Professional Looking Reports

White-label reports are perfect for companies that are looking to provide quality data reports in a clean and professional manner. 

If you have built up a steady consumer base that is accustomed to receiving a specific end goal from you, it would not be wise to deviate from that process. Instead of trying to create new end goals for your clients that could take months to perfect, it only makes sense to simply White-label an existing solution that can be White-labeled as your own. Let’s say you are looking to branch out into the PPC world but do not have the funds to develop your own PPC team to issue out reports for your clients. White-labeling Semrush’s PPC data will give you that same data for a fraction of the cost that it would take in developing your own, thus allowing you to maintain a high ROI.

How to Export PDF's from Semrush

With Semrush, you are able to export reports in two different ways. The first way to export a report is with the custom PDF builder from My Reports. For more about how to create reports from scratch, read the My Reports user manual.

The second way is directly from the tool or report on the interface. So if you are in Keyword Analytics, you can export by clicking on the PDF button located in the top right.

When you go to export data to PDF from a report in the interface, you will notice that there are two options: email this report and brand this report.

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The emailing option lets you send out your data to any email address with a customizable field for the subject line and body text. This is perfect for giving your emails a more personal feel than that of a standard automated email. The white-label email option only affects what is in the subject and body of the email while company logos are added in the brand this report option.  

The brand this report option allows you to add a custom header to your PDF. This custom header includes both a logo and a brief description. Keep in mind that by default Semrush will create PDFs with a standard Semrush logo in the header.

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