Configuring Social Media Poster Manual

Scheduling and creating posts using Social Media Poster takes just two simple steps:

  1. Typing in your domain and
  2. Connecting at least one social media profile.

After configuration, you can always adjust your settings later.

You can connect the following types of social accounts to Social Media Poster:

  • Facebook: Personal Profiles & Business Pages
  • Twitter: Profiles
  • LinkedIn: Profiles
  • Instagram: Profiles

The number of profiles you can connect depends on your SEMrush plan:

  • Free users can add up to 2 profiles at a time
  • Pro users can add up to 10 profiles at a time
  • Guru users can add up to 30 profiles at a time
  • Business users can add up to 50 profiles at a time

Posting on the above social platforms is available for all plans, including free users, with one exception — the LinkedIn posting feature is available only for paid users.

This article will guide you through the tool’s setup and settings adjustments.

Step 1. Enter your domain

Go to Social Media Poster, type in your company’s domain and click on the green ‘Set up’ button.Social Media Poster setup

Step 2. Connect your social media profiles

Start with connecting a profile by choosing a social media channel and clicking on the ‘Connect’ button.Connect social profilesIf you’re logged into a social profile and using SEMrush in the same browser, the tool will prompt you to authorize SEMrush to use your account. Otherwise you’ll have to log into the social platform you want to post from, and authorize SEMrush to use your account after that.

So, how can you authorize SEMrush to use each social media platform?

Facebook Profile & Facebook Page

  • In the popup window click on ‘Continue as [your name]
  • Select who can see posts made with SEMrush on your Facebook timeline: Public, Friends of friends, Friends, Only me, or Custom, and tap on ‘Ok
  • Authorize SEMrush to manage your Facebook Pages by clicking ‘Ok’ or choose what you allow SEMrush to do: Manage your Pages, Publish as Pages you manage, Access your Page and APP insights
  • Add your profile: select your private profile(s) and/or Facebook Page(s) you want to post from, and tap on ‘Save

Twitter profile

  • In the popup window click on ‘Authorize app
  • Add your profile: select the profile(s) you want to post from and tap on ‘Save

LinkedIn profile

  • In the popup window click on ‘Allow
  • Add your profile: select the profile(s) you want to post from and tap on ‘Save

Instagram profile

  • In the popup window click on ‘Authorize
  • Add your profile: select your profile(s) and tap on ‘Save

Once you’ve connected a social profile, you can add more directly from the tool’s Calendar tab by clicking on the ‘Add profile’ button on the top left.Add social profiles

Step 3. Adjust your settings

This step is optional and can be completed later — once you connect a profile you are free to start creating and scheduling your posts.

To adjust your settings, go to the ‘Settings’ button on the top right and click on one of the four options.

Social Media Poster settings

Profiles and queue’ allow you to:

  • Disconnect your social profiles — just click on the trash icon next to a profile
  • Set or cancel your posting schedule for every profile — select daily time slots for posting
  • Allow or disallow shortened links via — just move the slider

Profiles and queue

Time settings’ allow you to select:

  • Time zone
  • Time format — 24hr or 12hr
  • First day of the week — Monday or Sunday

Time settings

Instagram reminders’ allow you to:

  • Set the time for e-mail notification
  • Change your e-mail for notification

Instagram reminders

Keyboard shortcuts’ allow you to:

  • View the hotkeys to browse the tool faster
  • Disable or enable keyboard shortcuts — just move the slider

Keyboard shortcuts

Step 4. Refresh your connection as it expires

Your connection to social profiles expires with time, so you’ll need to refresh it once a month to continue scheduling and posting using the tool. When you see an expiration notice, just click on the ‘Refresh’ button and connect your profile(s) once again (see Step 2) to bring it back.

Refresh your connection

Now that your tool is fully configured, start creating and scheduling your posts.

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