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Paul Klebanov

Paul Klebanov is an inbound marketing strategist at Semrush. Paul is a highly talented and accomplished digital marketing strategist focused upon the development and execution of strategic online marketing plans. He is known for strengthening the sales and marketing sectors to lead in competitive markets, maximizing SEO/SEM and PPC efforts. Paul effectively utilizes competitive analysis, market research and statistical surveys to assess business plans and provide solutions to foster growth and increased productivity. He has a more then a decade of experience. Connect with him @paulklebanov (  and linkedIn (
Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing

How To Use the Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing

Pride, envy, wrath gluttony, lust, sloth and greed. Intense, right? When we think of the seven deadly sins, we generally think of trying to avoid them. But what if you could use them to your advantage, strategically and meticulously turning views of your ad into clicks, leads and customers?
Jul 22, 2016