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Anna Lebedeva

head of growth marketing AT SEMrushAnna Lebedeva is the Head of Growth Marketing at SEMrush. She has a passion for digital marketing, new technologies, and media.

Bosses, Is Your Content Team Doing a Good Job?

Do you sometimes quietly question your content team’s work? In spite of all the “good” stats they show you, there is still a nagging feeling that you might be throwing your money away? You should never be in the dark about your content’s performance. With that in mind, we decided to show you how to evaluate your content team’s work and assess the quality of their output.
Sep 06, 2018

SEMrush Podcast: Now Covering More Aspects of Marketing

Marketing Scoop is a weekly podcast that is all about the news, trends, and in-depth discussions on [SEO], [Advertising], [Content Marketing], and [Success Stories]. Each episode, David Bain and Judith Lewis invite the brilliant minds of the digital marketing space to dissect the latest trends and best cases across the industry.
Mar 01, 2018
US & UK Search Awards 2017: SEMrush Recognition as “The Best SEO Software Suite”

Raise Your Game: A Step-By-Step Guide To Gamification Marketing

At SEMrush, could not resist giving gamification a try. What we have seen was a huge success and great outcomes for both our users and our brand. So, check out our guide on what things you need to consider, how to plan, what to avoid, and how to measure success with gamification.
Oct 20, 2017
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