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Jordan Munson

Jordan Munson is a Customer Champion at Wistia, a video hosting company for businesses that helps companies get the most from their videos. Jordan has been at Wistia since 2012, and has been a key member of building out their support team from three people to nearly twenty since 2012. Along the way, he’s absorbed a wide variety of know how in creating and implementing video campaigns for a variety of needs.
Video To Grow an Engaged Email List

How To Use Video To Grow an Engaged Email List

Your email list is what connects you to the people who care about your business. It‘s more than a CSV file or SmartList. It‘s a close and trusting relationship between your company and its connected audience. Our email inboxes are private places — a person who is thinking about giving your company their email address has to weigh how much they trust and care about your company. Your videos help get them there.
Mar 18, 2016
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