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Andrea D‘Ottavio

founder/ceo AT Webing + Webing AcademyAward-winning digital entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Andrea worked for many leading brands including Ferrari, Discovery, Hyundai, Bulgari, Alitalia, Microsoft and many more. As CEO of Webing and Webing Academy he focuses on creating digital projects that help companies grow using digital media. Andrea regularly speaks at international conferences, meetups, panels across the Globe and host workshops on digital marketing. When he's not working, you will find him surfing, researching, training and hosting dinner parties. Andrea è un digital entrepreneur. Ha collaborato a centinaia di progetti digital per brand come Ferrari, Discovery, Hyundai, Meridiana, Euronics, Bulgari, Alitalia, Microsoft e molti altri. È CEO di Webing e Webing Academy, la pop-up academy specializzata in corsi sulle hot topics digitali.