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Paul Paquin

ceo AT Golden Financial ServicesAt Golden Financial Services, where we offer credit card debt relief programs, we love SEO! Here's why ... SEO is the liaison between Golden Financial Services and our potential clients who need help with debt relief. Search engine marketing gives us the ability to use quantitative data to create targeted messaging, directly answering the questions that our potential clients are asking. SEO is the vehicle that drives financial education from our San Diego debt relief office, straight to the homes of the millions' of consumers who are struggling to get out of debt and searching for relief on Google. At Golden Financial Services we use federal laws, like the Credit Card Act and Fair Credit Billing Act to fight illegal debt collection and fraudulent creditors – getting unsecured debt and credit card balances dismissed and interest eliminated in many cases. Over the last 15-years, our programs have proven to be effective and come with a 100% money back guarantee. We created the to share our step by step instructional guides on how to reduce balances, remove inaccurate and derogatory marks off credit, and on how to use unsecured debt to build high credit scores, high credit limits, and much more! Visit us online
How to Skyrocket Profit on Google Ads

How to Skyrocket Profit on Google Ads (6 Best Ways)

Google Ads can either take your money like a slot machine in Vegas after your luck runs out, or catapult your business‘s profitability like a snowmaker dressing a ski slope. This article offers six Google Ads tips that come from a CEO at a debt relief company, who is Google Ads Certified and Google Ads obsessed, and who watched his business grow by 300% over the last 36 months.
Aug 14, 2021
7 Ways to Win at Local SEO

7 Ways To Win at Local SEO

Are you ready to win at Local SEO? Here is a case study on a small business, that’s in a so-called “boring industry”, that captured hundreds’ of top keyword rankings, social media shares and backlinks from college websites — and is now generating 100‘s of high-quality leads on Google every single day, organically.
Mar 13, 2018