3 New SEO Tools To Save Time & Filter Data Faster

Krystian Szastok

Dec 21, 20153 min read
New SEO Tools

For agencies, every minute logged against a client is precious; which is why discovering a time-saving tool can feel like a lottery win. If finding these tools ensures you’re a step ahead of your competitors too, you’ve hit the bigger jackpot.

Here are three brand new SEO tools we’ve unearthed that will have you feeling a million bucks and make your clients happy.

AccuRanker’s Google Grump

AccuRanker’s new Google Grump index monitors fluctuations in rankings, allowing you to predict impending updates to Google’s algorithm.

Their unique system, developed to monitor anomalies in ranking fluctuations, translates this into a ‘mood’ – represented by a tiger mascot - enabling you to determine how likely an update will be.

The moods are:

  • Chilled: This means nothing unusual is occurring.
  • Cautious: Although unlikely anything to worry about, a continuous upward trend here could imply a mood swing.
  • Grumpy: Rankings are fluctuating more than usual, so an update could be coming.
  • Furious: If the tiger is looking livid, it means rankings are all over the place and it’s pretty likely an update is happening.

Grump trumps other algorithm indexes with its unique features, including the ability to filter by country or device; an increasingly significant addition as the importance of mobile grows.

Unlike other indexes, users can sign up for notifications on mood alterations – using the same filtering options detailed above - so you’ll be the first to know when an update is imminent.

URL Profiler

Great for ramping up your technical audits, the main appeal of URL Profiler is that you can mass-check a list of URLs for tasks that normally take hours.

The tool allows you to connect to Google Search Console and pull back URL data, including top ten referring keywords, average position, impressions, clicks and click-through-rate. Rather than check each page one after the other in Search Console, URL profiler gives you the data in minutes; soon identifying the best and worst performing pages.

URL Profiler’s Google Indexation Checker also loads your entire sitemap or crawl data to identify which of your pages are indexed and which aren’t. Although Search Console does provide some useful information on indexation, it doesn’t give details on specific URLs, so this tool is great for filling in the data ‘black holes’ left by Google.

Another key feature is the Mobile Friendliness Checker. Since Google rewarded pages offering a commendable mobile experience, the importance of mobile friendly websites have grown.

Google determines ‘friendliness’ on a page by page basis, so even if a site uses an optimized theme, it doesn’t necessarily mean each page is mobile friendly. URL profiler lets you check every page of a client’s site against Google’s mobile-friendly API, before flagging any aspects that have failed, so you can quickly identify any problems.

In addition, their Mobile and Desktop Speed Performance Checker allows you to check load speeds – on both devices – for every URL on your site, providing a rounded perspective on the performance of your client’s site.

LinkResearchTools’ Impactana

Agencies have to create content spanning multiple, and often diverse, industries so finding content to suit each one can be tough, even for the most creative minds.

It’s no secret some niches are easier to brainstorm for than others, but with Impactana you can find successful content ideas - including video – within the most uninteresting of trades.

Whether your client sells air conditioners or real estate, this tool allows you to locate the web’s winning pieces of content, which can inspire ideas for your own clients.

Other similar tools tend to rely on your chosen keyword appearing in the piece’s title; however, Impactana searches the full text of the piece of content to ensure all relevant results are highlighted.

To help you pick out the best performing pieces of content, the data enriched tool combines two features:

  • Buzz: Which analyses social metrics, including shares, comments and tweets, to identify how widely shared the piece is.
  • Impact: This measures real user engagement, with metrics like comments, clicks, views, downloads and links.

The filtering options let you to drill down by content type (e.g. eBooks, blog posts, infographics), as well as by engagement figures. For example, you could look for content about SEO tools, then filter the results to only show anything with over 50 backlinks.

Created by the folks behind LinkResearchTools, Impactana supports 27 languages – so if you work with international clients this is a huge bonus – and allows you to set up alerts based on brand or topic mentions; the perfect way to keep on top of relevant content appearing within your clients’ industries.

Save time today

From looking out for Google updates to reducing hours logged against technical audits, these tools will help you save valuable time and deliver excellent results in the process.

For additional ways to outshine your competition, without eating into your client’s time, check out:

Do you know of any other time-saving tools? Let us know in the comments below.

Krystian Szastok is a digital marketing manager at RocketMill. You can catch him blogging on his  personal SEO blog or on Twitter.

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Krystian SzastokKrystian Szastok is a digital marketing manager at RocketMill. You can catch him blogging on his personal SEO blog or on Twitter.
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