Semrush Updates: Must-Try AI Enhancement for 2024

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Jun 13, 20249 min read
Semrush Updates: Must-Try AI Enhancement for 2024

Semrush Updates: Game-Changing AI Enhancement You Need to Try

We’re leaning right into the power of AI to give you the best suite of tools to smash your marketing goals.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the eye-catching improvements we’ve made recently, helping you with everything from strategy to content creation to AI assistance.

Strategy-Focused Tool Updates

We’ve added a range of new AI-powered features to our tools to give you even more ways to crush your competition this year and beyond.

Get More from Keyword Strategy Builder (formerly Keyword Manager)

Keyword Manager is bigger and better than ever and it now has a new name: Keyword Strategy Builder. An extensive revamp has added the ability to build page structure with pillars and subpages for entire topics, so you can now consider it something of a foundation for your content strategy. You can find out more about it here.

Be More Domain-Specific with Keyword Research Data

You can now dig out more detailed insights from Keyword Overview and Keyword Magic Tool, thanks to the addition of two metrics:

  • Personal Keyword Difficulty (PKD): Find out how difficult it will be for the specified domain to reach the top 10 of the SERP for any given keyword
  • Topical Authority: Discover the relevance of the specified domain to the topic of the seed keyword in question

Automate Your Marketing Strategy in Minutes

AI Marketing Strategy improves every step of your marketing journey, from planning to execution. Its many generative AI features include a graphics creator, a content generator for many formats and in-built ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo and ChatGPT-4.

Want to swiftly implement AI-driven tactics from industry leaders? No problem. Need to create content quickly and efficiently to get ahead of your competition? Easy. Want deeper insights to supercharge your business model? It’s a slicker and more intuitive process than ever with AI Marketing Strategy, available now in the Semrush App Center.


Turn Analytics into a Rich Source of Inspiration

Get more out of Google Analytics 4 with AI Narratives for GA4, an AI-driven tool that gives you everything you need under one digital roof.

You can enjoy personalized insights across multiple GA accounts to allow you to make more informed, data-driven decisions as part of your marketing efforts. 

With scheduled reports and the ability to track, view and analyze your data in one simple UI, you’ve got everything you need to turn Google Analytics into an even more powerful tool for you and your team.


Utilize AI to Define Segments in Audience Intelligence

The Segments report in Audience Intelligence now comes complete with more insightful and useful segment names, generated via AI analyses of how the people in your segments describe themselves.

AI looks for unique bio-keywords across your segments and identifies two or three words and an emoji to more accurately describe each group within the app.


Ecommerce Booster: Go Big with Your Shopify Store

For all things Shopify optimization, we added Ecommerce Booster to the App Center in August 2023. 

It’s a super efficient way to boost your store’s ROI with features like the AI product description generator, the image quality improver and the expert-level audit that generates a list of optimization tasks for your product pages.


Connect to Millions of Customers with Better Accessibility

AI Accessibility Widget allows you to fix your code to adhere to international regulations and appeal to millions more people who would otherwise experience difficulty accessing your site.

It’s a plug-and-play tool that’s quite simply vital in this day and age—by increasing the usability and overall visitor experience of your site with the widget, you can boost its performance and lower its bounce rate across the board.


Assistance-Focused Tool Updates

Semrush Copilot is your personal AI assistant for your account dashboard. It’s hooked up to six core tools and reports to provide timely recommendations and alerts to help you keep on top of your website’s SEO.

Once you’re all set up with a project, Copilot’s AI will send you tailored tips to manage your SEO, leveraging machine learning analyses of data from Site Audit, Position Tracking, Backlink Analytics, Organic Research, Keyword Gap and Backlink Gap.


Track Google’s AI Overviews in Position Tracking and Sensor

The AI Overviews you might have seen popping up in the SERP this past year can now be tracked via our Position Tracking and Sensor tools. 

This means you can not only monitor any site’s visibility for the feature in Position Tracking, but also see how often the feature appears from industry to industry in Sensor.

Streamline Review Management with Automated Replies

If you’ve got Premium locations to look after in Semrush Local, you can now save even more time and effort by automating replies to customer reviews.

AI can generate same-language responses for any reviews of your choice, whether you want to say thanks for a great review (4-5 stars) or react quickly to a negative one (1-3 stars). 

With auto-replies enabled, you get 30 replies per month per Premium location, so you can save time for other demanding aspects of running a local business.


Make Reporting Quicker, Easier and More Insightful

Agency Growth Kit users can bask in the simplicity of interpreting and summarizing data in reports thanks to the new AI Summary widget.

If it’s normally a task you carry out manually, this is the feature for you—simply add the AI formatting widget to your report and you’ll get an insightful summary for every My Reports 2.0 integration widget in use.

You can choose the length as well as the sentiment to make your reporting super useful for your clients and incredibly efficient for your agency. Note that the language used depends on the settings in your Semrush account.


Welcome an AI Social Media Assistant to Your Team

Semrush Social users can now enjoy the power of AI Assistant, which has been added in its beta phase and is available at no extra cost. 

It will evolve into a premium feature as its functionalities expand, but users can currently leverage it for generating insights as well as copy and content ideas for social media.

Effortlessly Brainstorm Ideas with Social Content Ideation

Also added to the Semrush Social crowd of tools is Social Content Ideation—an AI-powered tool that helps you boost idea generation and craft engaging copy for social posts.

The free version of Social Content Ideation will be available until June 25, after which it’ll transform into its advanced paid version, namely, Social Content AI.

Boost Your Traffic with an AI-Driven Google Ads Expert

With Ads Launch Assistant, you can set up your Google Ads campaigns in seconds and gain a competitive edge with top recommendations at every step.

Managing and optimizing your campaigns is a breeze with the AI app, too, giving you easy access to performance statistics so you can analyze each ad and adjust your budget accordingly.


Ask AI to Do just about Anything for You in Google Sheets

AI Automated Data Connector allows you to feed multiple data sources and systems into one Google Sheet for complete efficiency and transparency. 

Now, you can utilize the Ask AI feature (AKA ChatGPT Copilot) to streamline your efforts even further, allowing you to get instant insights into how you’re performing—you can try asking it what your most profitable category is, for example, to get an immediate summary.


Level up Your Content with Free Tools

If you’re a small team with grand visions for your content, your life just got a little easier with a whole bunch of free tools over on our Good Content hub.

Check out the ‘Free tools’ in the menu if you want to start exploiting AI for the good of your content, from text and title generators to sentence and paragraph rewriters. 


Creation-Focused Tool Updates

ContentShake AI: Automate Every Step of Content Creation

ContentShake AI is a new addition to the App Center that allows you to automate the whole content production process, from topic generation to article publication.

It leverages AI to help you craft engaging content, providing recommendations for improvements to everything from SEO to readability along the way. You can ask it to craft new text or rephrase, simplify, expand and summarize existing text and also interact with the AI Chat to generate even more engaging text and images. 

Integrations with Google Docs and WordPress also make it much easier to share and publish your content from one central app.


Generate Impactful Ad Creatives with the Power of is an advertiser’s dream tool—with the ability to generate ad creatives, texts and headlines for your campaigns, you can use it to outclass your competitors in every area.

The new AI-powered app learns best practices from extensive analyses of billions of top-performing ads and applies them to your campaigns to help you work less and earn more.


Create Social Content without Limits

We’ve added AI Social Content Generator to our roster to help you create social posts at scale and speed.

There’s no limit to the number of posts, captions or hashtags you can generate with the tool and it even includes the ability to create shareable videos for multiple platforms with just single lines of text. Your social strategy never looked so slick.


SEO Writing Assistant: Rephrase, Simplify, Summarize and Expand

Say goodbye to writer’s block with the new AI-powered features of SEO Writing Assistant (SWA). If ever you’re stuck for inspiration, you can use AI to compose copy or rephrase something you’ve already written.

Ask it to rephrase, simplify, summarize or expand on your copy for any one of a range of reasons, whether you want to repurpose content for different channels or ensure it’s as succinct and optimized as possible.


SERP Gap Analyzer: Create Optimized Content that Meets Your Needs

SERP Gap Analyzer is bigger and better than ever with new AI Writing Tools to help you craft content quickly for the keywords that matter.

You can use the tools, which are powered by GPT-4, to generate anything from titles and meta descriptions to briefs and even drafts for articles to send straight to your content creators. Optimizing content for higher rankings has never been so efficient.


Become a Better Writer and Creator with AI

AI Writing Assistant is your fast-track route to creating quality content at the touch of a button. Over 75 tools are at your disposal to start crafting killer communications, from social and blog posts to creative stories and structured essay outlines.

The app takes the pressure off when it comes to content creation for ads, ecomm, SEO and more, so you can concentrate more of your precious resources on strategy.


AI Video Marketing Automator: Video Content on Tap

If you’ve ever made a wish for the ability to create high-quality video content for your SEO and social media efforts, here it is coming true: the AI Video Marketing Automator is now available from Semrush.

Leverage AI to start creating, repurposing and publishing content, whether it’s via topic prompts or existing blog content. You can even integrate this stream of content with social and hosting platforms to use the videos wherever and whenever you want.


Manage Your Video Content All in One Place

Video Marketing Platform is your one-stop shop for recording, editing and storing your video content, whether you’re hosting webinars, streaming live events or creating educational resources.

It’s easy to edit captions, add effects and chop and change videos to your liking with the app. You can also seamlessly transform text to speech, making use of multiple languages and options for different voices and speeds. All you need is the brand and the desire to start outranking your competitors with superior content.


Optimize Your Landing Pages in a Couple of Clicks

Landing Page Builder gives you the ability to leverage AI for the creation of SEO details for your website content.

You can use the feature to generate meta data and keywords for your landing pages after simply entering your product or company name, a description and an overall objective.


TrendFeed: Comment on and Curate More Content with AI

If you’re the sort of brand that needs to stay across all the goings-on in your industry, you might want to add TrendFeed and its AI commentaries feature to your toolkit.

You can lean on AI to generate contrarian or supportive commentaries for any content you create or curate using the app—either way, you know it’ll be optimized and instantly shareable.


Get More Done with Semrush

We’re constantly improving our tools, reports and apps at Semrush, which means leveraging AI to its potential so you can realize your marketing dreams.

Stay tuned for more updates to come across the whole range of Semrush products.

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