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Compare domains with key visibility indicators

Do you need to perform a quick assessment of your Internet competition?

The SEMrush Charts use visualizations to illustrate your online competitors’ web presence. Data on key visibility numbers are presented in line, bar, or pie graphs.


With visuals, you can see the most important metrics of up to five competitive domains side by side:

  • See how many users visit your competitors’ websites via Google's or Bing's top 100 organic results.
  • Gauge the traffic driven to your web rivals’ domains through paid search.
  • Get an estimate of how much competitors are spending on Google AdWords or Bing Ads.
  • Discover which keywords are helping your online adversary rank in the top search results (new and improved keywords).
  • Evaluate keywords that no longer bring competitors to the Google or Bing top, or that bring them lower in the SERP (lost and declined keywords).

Conduct competitive analysis in only a few clicks

Conducting competitive evaluation is easy and fast:


Enter up to 5 domains per use

Choose the metrics you’d like to compare

Define regional databases

Create up to 3 plots per attempt

You will get data-visualizations reflecting your results, and an instant understanding of what is going on with your competition.