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Analyze your search visibility compared to your competitors. Gain insights for SEO, PPC, and Google Shopping campaigns.

Compare Domains With Key Visibility Indicators

Do you need to perform a quick assessment of your online competition? The SEMrush Charts use visualizations to illustrate your online competitors’ web presence.

Monitor important metrics

You can see traffic estimates for your competitors’ websites via Google's top 100 organic results. By viewing new and improved keywords, you can discover the number of keywords that your online adversaries rank for in the top search results. Check lost and declined keywords to see the number of keywords that no longer bring competitors to the top of Google, or that bring them lower in the SERP.

Visualize your key data

Data on key visibility numbers are presented in line, bar, or pie graphs. Enter up to five different domains you’d like to explore and determine which type of metrics you’d like to analyze. Charts will be shown as a line graph by default. However, you can choose between different ways to view your data. Switch the options to a bar graph or a pie chart, if needed.

Conduct Competitive Analysis in Only a Few Clicks

Conduct competitive evaluation in three easy steps

Enter up to 5 domains

You can enter up to five individual domains to see how you are stacking up against your main rivals.

Choose the metrics

Once you enter your domains into the search bars, you can choose which type of data you’d like to monitor.

Define regional databases

Choose a specific regional database that the insights are being pulled from. The tool allows you to compare the same domain in different geo databases.

Make The Reporting Process Smooth And Transparent

Plot multiple charts

Plot multiple charts

Create multiple charts at a time. You can either plot several charts with different domains and data sets, or clone what you previously created.

Share your charts

Share your charts

Export your charts and then share your data visualizations with your teammates and clients to communicate important data effectively.

Get an instant understanding of what is going on with your competition

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