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Find keywords with less competition

One of the most common errors made in organic search strategies is targeting the most difficult keywords—those with the highest competition.


If you want, you can perfectly optimize your content with these types of search terms and simply hope that your website will rank higher in search results. But, after months of waiting, you may get frustrated when you see your web rivals keeping their positions while noticing no improvement in your own site’s ranking.

Whether you are an old bird on the market getting tired of trying to outrank your competition, or a new arrival doubting that you will ever get to the top of the SERPs, just start with “affordable” keywords!

The SEMrush Keyword Difficulty tool will show you which keywords to focus on. By indicating a particular keyword’s percentage of difficulty, this tool helps you estimate how easy it would be to seize your competitors’ organic positions in the Google top 100.

The higher the percentage, the more effort it will take to overrun your competition for targeted keywords. Discover search terms more easily and you’ll get more opportunities to rank higher than your competitors!

Estimate keyword difficulty instantly

Use the SEMrush Keyword Difficulty tool and determine keywords’ difficulties with only a few clicks:


Enter one or more keywords

See how difficult keywords are

Discover the strongest competitors for every keyword

Export data to XLS and CSV formats

Choose less difficult keywords and win the online struggle for a top position in organic search results!


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