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Planning Your Posts in an Interactive Calendar

Planning Your Posts in an Interactive Calendar Manual

The Social Media Poster gives you an interactive calendar in which you can plan out the entire year for your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (business) and Linkedin posts. You are able to set both the date and time of your post so you are always aware of what content you are sending out at any given time.

Viewing Your Calendar

One of the trickiest parts of running any social media campaign is being able to maintain an organized and optimized schedule of posts. With social media being such a fast moving platform it is important to have an idea of what you’re going to post not just now, but also a couple weeks down the road.

You can switch your calendar view between month and timeline (weekly). Change this by selecting the drop-down menu in the top left of your calendar.

Planning Your Posts in an Interactive Calendar image 1

Not only can you change your calendar view between monthly and weekly, you can also change how each day is broken down in the timeline view. The two options you have are hourly and “smart view.”

Every hour view is as simple as it sounds, each day will be broken down by the hour. The smart view is slightly different.

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With Smart view, the amount of time within these blocks is determined by the number of goals you have set for your profiles. Goals are essentially the number of times you wish to post from your profiles per day. These can be changed in your settings, under profiles and queue.

By default, smart view will block your calendar into 4-hour windows because the default goal settings are 4. However, when you change the number of your goals you will also change the length of these time blocks.

If the number of goals is lower the time frame will increase when the number of goals raises the time frame shortens.

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Which view you choose is one hundred percent up to you and ultimately comes down to what your own goals and strategies are when it comes to social media.


There are a number of different ways you can schedule a post on your calendar. You can simply click on the specific day of the calendar you wish to post and choose between the different time blocks in each day.

Once you click the day and time you want to have the post you will be brought to the preview page of your new post where you will actually be able to create the content of the tweet and select the exact time you want the post to go live.

Planning Your Posts in an Interactive Calendar image 4

This same process can be done by clicking the new post button at the top of the calendar. Your post will automatically be posted on that day unless you change the scheduled settings in the preview screen.

The final way to create a post is to use the keyboard shortcut “N.” This will immediately prompt you to the preview window. To find out all of the keyboard shortcuts you can view them in the settings section in the top right.

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In the draft screen you have five different actions to take with your new post:

Add directly to your queue

  • Schedule
  • Publish regularly
  • Publish now
  • Save as a draft

You can include emoticons to help increase the creativity of your posts which can lead to more engagement with your audience. To add them simply click on the smiley face at the bottom of your posts.

Not only can you add emoticons but you can add animated GIFs as well. This can be done manually through the GIF button or by choosing to add them through giphy.

Planning Your Posts in an Interactive Calendar image 6

After deciding what to do with your drafted post you can view your future post by selecting on a later date with the date range drop-down menu. This can be perfect in letting you know what type of content you have down the line so that you can synchronize your other campaigns to match.

This can also be helpful in making sure you are not posting any duplicate content to your social sites. If you are running multiple social media campaigns, the social media poster lets you plan out these posts for all of your campaigns at once. You can schedule posts on twitter, facebook (business), Instagram and LinkedIn all on the same calendar.  

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