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What Can I Do With A Free Account From SEMrush?

Mike Isaac
What Can I Do With A Free Account From SEMrush?

Many new users to SEMrush ask this question and are not really sure what you can do with the SEMrush software. Obviously, many new users to SEMrush will start out on the free level before deciding to make a purchase on a subscription. But when you first create your free account, it’s important to know exactly what you get access to so that you can utilize your SEMrush account to its fullest potential. 

SEMrush Interface

10 Searches Per Day

With the free level account, you can only perform 10 searches a day. This means you can look at 10 different reports in a day. So, if you were to type in a domain into the search bar at the top of your screen then click the traffic number under the Organic Search section, this would be 2 searches you have now conducted. For some digital marketers, it may make sense that you only need to perform 10 searches a day. However, it is important to note the next step up from the free level (Pro level) provides you with 3,000 searches per day.

10 Results Per Search

This will limit your searches to only 10 results per search. This means, for example, if you were to go into the Organic Positions report, you would only be able to examine the first 10 keywords listed for the given domain. This will be the same in other reports as well including Backlinks reports, Advertising Research reports and Keyword reports as well. The Pro level package allows for 10,000 results per search.


1 Project

The free level only allows you to create one project. For those unfamiliar with our Projects section, each project basically serves as a domain. And this domain can be accessed by all of the tools that SEMrush offers. This can work at the individual level for you, however, you most likely need to analyze more than one website. Our Pro level package includes 5 projects, with our Guru package including 50 projects and our Business level package with unlimited projects.

SEMrush's Projects Interface

10 Keywords to Track

Just like our main reports and features, our tools have limitations as well. The 10 keywords you can track refers to our Position Tracking tool. Our Position Tracking tool allows you to enter a set domain (your project), a set list of competitors to compare to the main domain, a set list of keywords to track, along with a set location and device type. This then provides updating ranking data every 24-48 hours.

This is a powerful tool that can provide you with localized ranking data on a frequent basis. Depending on your client size and the campaign you are running, 10 keywords may not be enough for you to track.

Our Pro level package allows for 500 keywords, with our Guru package providing 1500 keywords and our Business level providing 6,000 keywords. If you ever need more keywords than what your plan provides, you have the option to add additional keywords to your account. This can either be done by contacting us or by going to the Subscription Info page under your Profile. It is important to note that these keywords are split amongst your projects, and not limited to each project.

100 Pages to Crawl

One of the other tools located within our Projects interface is the Site Audit tool. This allows you to crawl a given domain, subdomain or subfolder and receive a technical audit of your site. This will provide you with an overall health score of your website as well as a list of issues found with the given website.

The way this tool is regulated is by the amount of pages crawled. Under the free level account, you are only able to crawl 100 pages of a website. This may suffice for certain websites, however, most websites have over 100 pages. The Pro level package allows for you to crawl up to 100,000 pages per month, while Guru allows for 300,000 pages per month and the Business level package for 1.2 million pages per month. Just like the Position Tracking tool, it is important to note that these pages are split amongst your projects, and not limited to each project.

SEMrush PricingSEMrush Pricing

Now that you understand exactly what goes into your free level account, you may now have a little more insight into exactly what your account can do for you. You may decide that a free level account will work for you, which is more than okay!

However, if you do not think the free level will work and you are interested in other options we offer, you may want to look at our Prices page for more information. Also, if you are interested in using SEMrush in the long term or are looking for a custom package, please feel free to contact our sales team so that we can set your account up at a discounted rate along with all of the specifications you need.

Have you been able to use the free level account for yourself? Have you found that your SEMrush subscription works for you? Please let us know in the comments below!

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If you still have questions about any of this information, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at: (855) 814-4510 or by email at [email protected] You can also contact us on Twitter by using the #semrushcare hashtag.

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Mike Isaac is the Customer Success Content Manager at SEMrush. He has been working at SEMrush for over 3 years and is constantly pushing out new content to keep users engaged. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.
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Is this free option still available? Where do I sign up? I also agree with the comments below. A limited option at a low price point will be highly valuable to many! Thank you!
Heather Oynes
Free option no longer seems to work for me.
I get the "You've reached your free 10 requests/day limit." before I even start.
The 2 per day limit for non subscribers doesn't work any more either.
Hi Mike, I was wondering if SEMRush offers a package similar to the one mentioned by Robin Clark below? I'm currently a student and working on a project for a small startup while I finish my course. The $99 offers a lot more than I need at this time and as mentioned, it's a bit of a stretch for this type of work. Hoping there may be an alternative for students, hobbyists, and startups. :)
Can it show all the data about [link removed by moderator] , I mean if any penalty will be on my website can I know about that as well?.
Hi Mike, This has been said before elsewhere but I wish semrush offered a basic package for start up diy Seo or hobbyist. Limits could be still low, e.g. 1 domain, 50 keywords etc. $99 is a a stretch for a start up to pay for pro package functionality that will never be needed. There is a niche in the market for this at around the $25 price point, and remember that start ups can grow and require more expensive packages later. The alternative for us is that we use your free package but with annoying workarounds to get by, but you also get $0 revenue.
Mike Isaac
Robin Clark
Hi Robin! Thank you for your feedback! I will be sure to send this information to the team. Thanks again!
When are limits reset? On the 1st or every 30 days from when they were first used up?
why i can't setting possision trancking for my web, on setting keyword allways error
Mike Isaac
Akuisme intan
Hey @akuismeintan:disqus, thanks for reaching out! In order to help you further with this issue we will need to get a little bit more information. Could you please send an email to [email protected] with the email address associated with your account? This way we can take a closer look.

Thanks Akuisme!

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