Managing Your Social Media Queue Manual

One of the keys to running a successful social media campaign is scheduling your posts to be published at the right times. Writing and publishing your posts on a day-to-day basis can cause you to fall behind your competitors and always feel rushed in your social media management. Having a solid queue can remove the need for you to schedule a publishing time for each individual posts. Just simple set up your publishing times and hit “add to queue.”

Managing Your Social Media Queue image 1

Once you are in your queue (pictured above) you are able to see all of the posts that you have previously scheduled out. Scroll through the individual days to see any posts that you have in your queue for that day. If you are seeing a post that you think would be effective to go live on a different date and time, you can simply drag and drop any post to your desired time.

Managing Your Social Media Queue image 2You can also have more slots in your queue when you navigate to your settings. Once you are in your profiles and queue settings you can add another profile, as well as edit existing one. To create more slots, click on the set single posting goal in the dropdown menu and enter how many posts you want each day.

Managing Your Social Media Queue image 3

After building up your queue, you are going to want to see how your published posts performed. This can be done in the published tab of the Social Media Poster.

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