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Move Over, Meetup! Level Up Your Networking with Pokémon GO [Infographic]
5 Predictions About the Future of Apps and SEO
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Expert Confessions: What Would You Change in Digital Marketing?
Here at SEMrush, we are constantly looking for new ways to keep our customers educated and up to date on changes to the software. Our Customer Success Content team is always looking for new and creative ways to keep our customers informed on everything that is SEMrush. With this mission in mind, we have came up with a new video series to help our customers receive a quick answer on questions users may have. Welcome to SEMrush Quick Tips!
Why does some content get attention while other content gets ignored? It could be that perfectly good information is getting left in the dust because it’s simply not fun. The good news is that there’s a smart way to make quizzes both useful to the audience and fun for them to take, which leads to a chain reaction of engagement, shares, and more engagement. Let’s look at some of the top reasons audiences engage with gamified content such as quizzes.
When a user asks a question in their Google Search, Google displays a summary of the answer in a special “Featured Snippet” block at the top of each search results page. This block will indicate a ‘zero’ on the SERP to the user, since its results are higher than those in organic searches. SEMrush Data Scientist Qi Zhao has analyzed more than 10 million keywords and 1 million domains to learn how these Featured Snippets can work for your website’s traffic.
In today’s interview, we are happy to introduce you to Ashley Faulkes, the founder of Mad Lemmings, an extremely valuable resource that helps thousands of people build outstanding WordPress websites that attract customers!
This time, we analyzed and evaluated kreativforditas.com with the help of our chat participants. The company provides a range of services, including content creation, copywriting, and copy-critique services. During our real-time analysis, our guests pinpointed the website’s strengths and weaknesses and discussed how its owners can improve their site to make it more attractive to visitors.
This Thursday we hosted the second edition of Melbourne Pizza Time, an online event for Australian marketers. We held this event because we do not currently have a presence in Australia and we’d really like to, plus we wanted to connect with some Australian experts in person.  We decided that the best way to do this was to have some pizza together while chatting about the online marketing world.
Pride, envy, wrath gluttony, lust, sloth and greed. Intense, right? When we think of the seven deadly sins, we generally think of trying to avoid them. But what if you could use them to your advantage, strategically and meticulously turning views of your ad into clicks, leads and customers?
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