The social media landscape is ever evolving; the trick is to predict what’s going to happen next. In the travel space, it’s now an established fact that millennials tend to book their flights and accommodation through comparison sites like Tripseats, Skyscanner and Booking.com, always on the hunt for the best budget deals.
Let‘s take a closer look at how businesses can use SEO and SMM to draw in more traffic, and convert visitors into customers, and how to keep those customers coming back for more.
As a business owner, it’s vital to expect people to show up at your website. That means making your site feel truly welcoming. That’s all well and good in the abstract, but what does it mean in concrete terms? Here are a few suggestions for making a website feel more welcoming.
While several businesses and marketers erroneously use native advertising and content marketing interchangeably, these content formats have very different meanings and capabilities. Understanding the difference between these definitions is of particular importance in understanding how internet marketing is evolving while planning for the future. This post dives a little into the difference between these two content formats.
User generated content can help you increase your sales, thanks to a powerful psychological mechanism. In this article, you will learn how to use it.

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Maxweb SEO
SEO is no longer a one shot deal ... SEO or PPC or SEM or Social ... they ALL interlink and a good agency should advise their clients on the best course of action. This is often a good healthy mix of all, but, for example, many very small businesses are better served by Facebook Ads than Google Adwords. Others are better just looking at the mix of Adwords and Organic SEO and most should be using the free social media platforms.
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Hi Elena, very nice article to better explain HREFLANG Issue. I'm still a little bit confused about Self-Referencing Hreflang Tag with canonical url. From your article it seems we shouldn't use both but I've never read a Google Article about this specific issue. Could you please give me a Google link about this?
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Cody Oelker
Thanks Lucinda! It is a great article with amazing ways to transform the expertise into revenue. I would definitely bring them into practice to fulfill my client's needs. Would love to read more such posts.
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This checklist will show you which tools and reports in the SEMrysg software you can use to research your keywords, study competitors, plan ad groups, and track rankings during a PPC campaign. Links to each area of the software are in the body of this post.
If you’re looking to leverage SEO tactics in your marketing campaign, make sure to follow the seven rules that I always preach to new website owners looking for SEO advice. While some of these may seem commonplace, they are often overlooked which can cause great harm to your search rankings (and your wallet from lack of website traffic).
In this piece, we‘ll answer the question: “How can I use consumer insights in my digital marketing?“ and share three practical tips from Asia‘s leading retailer.
Learn from the experts at Instapage how to better design your ebook landing page so you can generate more leads and nurture them to sale.
Websites are constantly compromised. You may not even think that your innocent blog or site that doesn’t contain any users’ credit card information has anything worth being hacked for. Nevertheless, hackers can easily turn your website into a malicious spy bot, manipulate your important online information, inject your content with toxic links, and even more. But, it’s not as scary as it sounds. You can avoid these scenarios and keep your website safe by taking a few easy steps.

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