What Does “Com.” Mean? Question

One of the biggest questions people ask is what this column “Com.” stands for. You most likely have seen this before if you have navigated through the software. This stands for Competitive Density. This number represents how hard it is to rank for this particular keyword through Google AdWords®. The higher this number gets to 1.00, the harder it is to rank for.

What Does “Com.” Mean? image 1
One question you are probably asking is “What number should I stop at?” This is a question where it ultimately depends on what you are already ranking for and what you have already done through your SEO efforts. First, you will want to look at your own domain in SEMrush and analyze your keywords. This will tell you the difficulty for the keywords you already rank for and give you a better understanding of what range you want to calibrate for your keyword research.
Also, another question you probably have is “Where can I see the Organic Difficulty?’’ The best way to see the Organic Difficulty for a list of keywords would be to use the Keyword Difficulty tool. Once you enter these keywords in, you will see the Difficulty % for your keywords.

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