Export Manager Manual

Export Manager is a feature that allows you to compile lists of keywords from across different SEMrush reports into a single spreadsheet to download to your computer.

Along with every keyword, the spreadsheet contains the keyword’s basic metrics, such as:

  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • Competitive Density
  • Number of Results
  • Trends

The available file extensions are:

  • XLS
  • CSV
  • CSV Semicolon

Export Manager is designed to save you time by combining your research data within SEMrush and exporting the well-organised results to Excel or other external programs.

Where can you export keywords from using Export Manager?

Export Manager can combine keywords found from the following reports:

How to export keywords to a spreadsheet

First, go to a report you want to export data from and select keywords by checking the box beside them. Next, click on the green ‘Add to Export Manager’ button.

Add keywords to Export Manager
That’s it! Your keywords are added to your custom list. You can fill it with other keywords from different reports whenever you want.

To access your keyword storage, click on the blue box with your keyword number to the right of the ‘Add’ button.

Open Export Manager
Once you’re in the Export Manager, you can tap on the ‘Actions’ button to manage your keyword list and on the ‘Export’ button to export the data using the preferred file extension.

SEMrush Export manager

To get a clear idea of how the data is ordered in a spreadsheet, take a look at the export file content example below.

Export Manager table content example

After your keywords are exported, you can continue working with them in Excel and other external programs, or proceed with SEMrush tools. You can import your keywords to Position Tracking directly from the spreadsheet you have and track your website’s rankings for these keywords.

How many keywords can you export from Export Manager?

The limits depend on your SEMrush subscription:

  • Free users can export 10 keywords at a time
  • Pro users can export 1000 keywords at a time
  • Guru users can export 2500 keywords at a time
  • Business users can export 10000 keywords at a time