Social Media Poster Analytics Manual

After sending out a post on your Facebook, the next logical step is to track it and see whether or not it actually was a success. This is where the analytics tab for this tool will become your best friend. The analytics report will give you a quick look into the number of likes gained, likes lost (paid and organic), and total page audience size.

Social Media Poster Analytics image 1

Pair this data with your internal Facebook analytics to get a full scope of how your posts are performing. Each of these data sets are accompanied by their own trend graph so you can clearly see spikes of engagement and activity. Pinpointing the day of any spikes can be a key into getting insight into what posts perform best. If you are seeing a theme that causes these spikes, it can help prepare a future campaign.

Directly to the right of the data you will be able to see the percentage changed based on the previous month. This will let you know if any of your recent posts or campaigns are garnering success.

Now that you understand how to use the tool, it's time to put it into action. If you haven’t already, make sure you set up your Social Media Poster now to streamline your social media process. Once you are comfortable using the Poster, be sure to track your competitors’ campaigns with the Social Media Tracker!