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Reviewing Your Optimization Ideas Manual

The Optimization Ideas report in On Page SEO Checker lists all of the landing pages in your campaign with the ideas SEMrush is suggesting. You can click around this report to update the landing pages or keywords in your campaign, review your ideas, and send tasks to Trello.

Types of Ideas
Total Volume
Adding Landing Pages
Editing Keywords or URLs
Importing From Google Search Console
Filters & Exports
Inspecting Your Ideas
Send Tasks to Trello

Types of Ideas

Strategy - Strategy ideas will help you prioritize which pages on your site to focus on optimizing for each keyword. We’ll analyze how well other pages on your website are already ranking for certain keywords and offer suggestions for the best pages on your website to use to target each keyword in your SEO strategy.

Content - Content ideas show you the best practices used by the pages that rank on the first page of Google. Learn how long your content should be, what keywords to use, how to include them in various HTML tags (title, h1, meta, etc), how to make your content more readable and how to utilize video content to better optimize your site. These ideas will help Google crawlers understand the relevance of your content to a user’s search.

Backlinks - Backlink ideas will give you a list of outreach targets to build your backlink profile. The domains suggested will be new potential websites that can make for new backlink opportunities .

Semantic - Semantic ideas will suggest related words based on an analysis of your successful rivals’ content that you should consider including on your page as well. Including more semantically related words can improve the quality of your page and make your content more relevant to visitors.

User Experience - Connect your Google Analytics account to receive ideas based on bounce rates, time on page, and other metrics that reflect the user experience of a website. On Page SEO Checker will take this data and tell you where you can change your pages.

Technical SEO - Technical SEO ideas show you where the potential issues in your website’s health or structure lie. These ideas come from the results of a Site Audit set up in the same Project. To improve your SEO, the most urgent issues should be addressed first.

SERP Features - Here we provide suggestions how to improve any pages that are likely to win a featured snippet or review feature on the SERP. If your target keywords have these types of SERP features present on the results page and your content could potentially acquire them, our ideas can help.

Total Volume

The Optimization Ideas table lists the landing pages in your campaign with their corresponding target keywords and total volume. This volume represents the sum of the monthly search volumes between all of the keywords targeted by the specific page. You can sort the table by priority, URL, number of keywords per page, total volume, the total number of ideas, or last update. To find a page or keyword quickly, filter the report with the search bar above the table.


Reviewing Your Optimization Ideas image 1

Adding Landing Pages

You can always add more landing pages to your campaign with the blue “Add Landing Page” button at the top. This button opens a window to enter a new page and keywords you want to target. You can add new keywords to your campaign this way, or reassign keywords that are already in your project to the new page. After you add your new page, your campaign will re-analyze the results.

Editing Keywords or URL

If you want to change the keywords you’re targeting with each page or change the URL of the page to get ideas for, it can be done at any time using the Actions column. Just open the settings gear in the row of the page you want to make adjustments to and change the URL, add, or remove target keywords from the window.


Reviewing Your Optimization Ideas image 2


After changing the information here, you’ll have to recollect ideas with the blue refresh logo to get your updated suggestions.

If you change the URL, it will now direct the ideas about how to optimize for your target keywords to the newly entered URL.

Importing From Google Search Console

Right next to the “Add Landing Page” button you will see an “Import from Google Search Console.” When you connect your GSC data, you can receive ideas to further optimize your pages that already rank on Google.

While Position Tracking can see your positions, Google Search Console can see how many clicks each page is getting. At this time, you can add up to your top 1000 pages by a number of clicks to On Page SEO Checker.

Filters & Exports

This category filter can be adjusted to show All Ideas or ideas specific to a category. The number of ideas in the ideas column will change based on the selected category.


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If any of your pages are as optimized as possible for the specific category, there will be an “optimized” note in green with a check mark in the ideas column.

This organization allows you to export a separate report for each type of idea. If you work as a team, you can divide and conquer the ideas by category among team members. For example, you could export your list of backlink ideas to give to your link-builder, content ideas to your content writer, technical SEO ideas to your developer, and so on. The export button is located in the top right of the report, next to the settings gear and “Re-run campaign” buttons.

Inspecting your Ideas

To inspect an idea further, click on the green button with the number of ideas in the row of the page you want to optimize. If one of your pages has an “Optimized” note instead of the green button, it means the page is ranking in the top 3 for all of its target keywords and the tool won’t provide ideas to optimize it further. After clicking on the green button, you’ll be looking at a report with all of the ideas for that specific URL.


Reviewing Your Optimization Ideas image 4


Here we can see all of the ideas suggested to improve the landing page’s SEO for three target keywords (tools used for gardening, gardening tools list, and gardening supplies). Each idea will be listed in the table by its category. Hover over “Why should I do this?” in the third column to read the reasoning behind its SEO value, and to go deeper, click on“See detailed analysis.”

When you open a detailed analysis, you’ll see the information we’re taking from your rivals’ content to base the ideas on.

Reviewing Your Optimization Ideas image 5


Send Tasks to Trello

If you use Trello for task management, you can send an idea to your Trello board as a new card. Use the green button at the top right and you’ll open a window where you can create a new card and add it to a specific trello board.