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How to Use Google Advanced Search Operators

How to Use Google Advanced Search Operators Question

Advanced Search Operators (ASOs) are special search engine commands used to expand the opportunities of regular text search and help you receive more exact and relevant results. You can use them for all kinds of Internet research: from content research to site auditing and SEO.

To use an ASO in Google search, simply enter the ASO with a colon, followed by your specific word or phrase, like so:

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In SEMrush’s Link Building Tool, you can generate prospects by providing keywords, competitors, linking brand mentions, or uploading prospects manually. To make your keyword-based prospects even more relevant to what you want, you can take advantage of using advanced search operators in the tool’s configuration steps.

Let’s take a closer look at the 6 advanced operators you can currently use in our Link Building tool and what they do:

  • inurl: this restricts search results to documents containing that word in the URL

For instance, search [ inurl:print ] to find pages on in which the URL contains the word “print.” It finds pdf files that are in the directory or folder named “print” on the website.

The query [ inurl:tesla cars ] will return pages that mention the words “tesla” in their URL, and mention the word “cars” anywhere in the document.

  • allinurl: this restricts results to pages containing all of the query terms you specify in the URL

For instance, [ allinurl: mining faq ] will return only documents that contain the words “mining” and “faq” in the URL, such as “”.

  • blogurl: this limits the search results to URLs containing “blog” and your query terms

For instance, [ blogurl:wordpress ] will show you  blog articles that also have “wordpress” or “wp” in the URL.

  • intitle: this restricts results to web pages containing a specific keyword in the title

For instance, [ flu shot intitle:help ] will return documents that mention the word “help” in their titles, and mention the words “flu” and “shot” anywhere in the document (title or not).

  • allintitle: this restricts results to those containing all the query terms you specify in the title.

For instance, [ allintitle: delete facebook ] will show only documents that contain the words “delete” and “facebook” in the title.

  • site: this restricts results to the site or domain you specify

For example, [ admissions ] will show you admissions information from Harvard University site and [ news site:gov ] will find news pages within only .gov domains.

Using Advanced Search Operators in the Link Building Tool

To drill into the analytical data and find more prospects for your link building campaign, go to the Prospects tab in the Link Building Tool. Then go to the Keywords section and click on ‘Add’. In the modal window you will be able to edit your list of already existing keywords, and type in your ASOs. You can add 10 keywords and 10 ASOs.
Start reading the Link Building Tool user manual here​​​​​​​.

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