Monitor Your Brand Reputation

Keep track of online mentions of your and your competitors' brand name, product or service, as well as customer reviews


What connects you to your existing and potential customers and your competitors’? Why, it's the Internet of course! And every mention of your company, brand or service can go viral in a second.


Because of this, public opinion is often forged by mentions posted on the Internet rather than through fancy advertisements, which people tend to discount as one of those ‘impersonal media messages’. Surveys show that 70 percent of customers trust online reviews from other people over information they learn from ads. As a result, bad reviews can cause up to 50 percent of your online deals to fail.


All this makes monitoring your online reputation a top priority, but, unfortunately, the Internet is known for being...huge, which makes this task incredibly complicated. So how do you find the one mention that matters among the thousands that don’t? 


Enter SEMrush Brand Monitoring! Our new tool will scan the very depths of the Web and fetch only relevant and meaningful information. With it, you can keep track of online mentions and customer reviews of your and your competitors' company, product or service. It also allows you to research and process both that information and its consequence – for instance, group customer reviews together and estimate their potential reach in Social Media and various online communities. 

Discover New Opportunities

Find new ways to promote and market your brand!


Considering that a single mention from a popular blogger or even a regular customer can have more impact on your business than conventional advertising, it's imperative that you never stop looking for new opportunities to promote your brand through word of mouth.


SEMrush Brand Monitoring allows you to get insights into how your competitors and industry leaders create such opportunities – and seize them! With its help you can research their past and current promotional activities, adopt their best tactics and find new channels for distributing your content without wasting your time and money on trial and error. As we like to say – why learn from your own mistakes later, when you can benefit from your competitors' success today!

Track Backlinks

Knowing and, better yet, influencing what the Internet has to say about you and your competitors is great for generating an effective marketing buzz. But it can also help you boost your SEO rankings and improve your Web reputation even further!


Find referring domains with the Brand Monitoring, use SEMrush data to study their authority and SEO potential, and score both great reviews and new backlinks from sources you admire and trust! 

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