How to Activate your HubSpot Integration Article

Follow these steps to integrate SEMrush Position Tracking with your HubSpot account.

1. In your Hubspot Keywords report, find the notice with the link to export your keywords into the SEMrush Position Tracking tool.

2. Click the link that says “here” and it will send you to SEMrush where you’ll see the option to import the keywords from HubSpot.

3. Before you’re able to import keywords, you have to grant SEMrush access to your HubSpot account information so that SEMrush can retrieve the data.


4. After granting access, you’ll be sent back to SEMrush where you’ll be asked to create a Project. To create your Project, simply enter the main domain that you would like to track. All of your keywords, as well as your device and location will be transferred to your new Project in SEMrush.


5. After entering your domain name and creating the Project, you will either need to login or create an account.


Once you are logged in, your Project will be ready to track your keywords. See how the Position Tracking tool interface looks below.

If you need any assistance with this process, please don't hesitate to contact SEMrush support at [email protected] or the phone number listed in the website footer.