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What are the limits of my Position Tracking campaign?

What are the limits of my Position Tracking campaign?

Every Semrush Project has the ability to create one Position Tracking campaign. Depending on the level of your Semrush account, you will have limits on the number of keywords you can track and the number of extra devices and locations tracked in your campaign.

Keyword tracking limits

  • Free users: 1 Project, 10 total keywords
  • Pro users: 5 Projects, 500 total keywords
  • Guru users: 15 Projects, 1500 total keywords
  • Business users: 40 Projects, 5000 total keywords

Total number of competitors able to track

All levels can track up to 20 competitors per domain in a Position Tracking campaign. So between all of your projects a free account can track 20 total competitors, a Pro account can track up to 100 competitors, a Guru account can track up to 300 competitors, and a Business account can track up to 800 competitors.

Multitargeting with added devices and locations

  • Free users: not available
  • Pro users: not available
  • Guru users: 10 different devices/locations per campaign
  • Business users: 5000 different devices/locations per campaign

When you use multitargeting, you will be able to add new keywords to track for each location/device variation you create. Every keyword you add to each location will count toward your overall keyword limit, even if you’re already tracking that keyword for another location.

You can manage the units across the users on your account from the User Management area of your Semrush profile. 

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