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Backlink Audit Overview


Backlink Audit Overview report gives you all of the information on your backlink audit right on one screen. This lets you analyze your data without having to go through multiple tabs and reports. 

As you can immediately see on the Overview screen you’ll be able to get a quick shot summary of all of the important information regarding your domain. The first charts you’ll see are the overall toxicity score of your domain and the referring domains and analyzed backlinks.

Backlink Audit Overview image 1

As you scroll down the page, you will see even more metrics to analyze. These include backlinks to review, backlink removal requests, items to disavow, domains by toxicity score, anchor types, top anchors, link attributes, and top subpaths by toxic domains.


Backlink Audit Overview image 2


Each of these widgets can be further expanded when you click on the blue full report button below the corresponding widget. This will bring you to the full report which will give a more detailed analysis.