What is a Target URL error? Question

Sometimes when running a Backlink Audit campaign, you may come across an error for a certain URL labeled “Target URL Error.”

What is a Target URL error? image 1

So why does this happen and what does it mean to you?

When a link is labeled with this error it essentially means that this specific backlink is not being accounted for in your overall backlink profile.

Target URL errors occur when a page to which the backlink leads was unavailable when SEMrush last crawled the page. This is usually caused when there is a 404 error with that URL that is trying  to be crawled by SEMrush. Once that link is fixed on the website you are linking to, this error will no longer appear. In order to avoid this error notice on future crawls you must repair the page and find out what is causing that 404 error.

This error is great for identifying any broken backlinks within your backlink profile. These can negatively affect your profile and, ultimately, lower your rankings. Try to make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these links to keep your website looking healthy to Google.

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